• iHydrant™


    iHydrant™ combines a feature-rich monitoring platform with always-on sensors in the lower valve plate to send wireless system pressure and temperature feedback in real time. Available on new purchases or as a simple retrofit kit, iHydrant™ is your best option for year-round system analysis, problem prevention and rapid response mitigation that can recover significant savings for your utility — without compromising your ability to fight fires.

  • 129


    For over 85 years, the M&H 129 Hydrant has been produced to protect property and lives. Now, every modern hydrant feature is available on the 129, and we can retrofit to 85-year-old hydrants.

    For the integrity of your system, specify M&H 129 Fire Hydrants with the assurance that our past reliability will continue into the future... all compatible. Further evidence of the 129’s unquestionable superiority is attested by its 10-year limited warranty protection on materials and workmanship.

  • 129S


    For over 85 years, the M&H 129 Fire Hydrant has been produced to protect property and lives.  The M&H 129S Hydrant maintains the long-trusted design of the 129 but incorporates the superior component material of stainless steel and the addition of an oil lubrication port.  This innovation reflects the more than 160 years of our commitment to providing quality products to our customers.

  • 929


    The M&H Style 929 Reliant fire hydrant offers reliability in providing superior fire protection service. The Reliant hydrant is engineered to give life-long, maximum performance. Its design features simplify installation and maintenance. It offers trouble-free operation and economy, too. Its rugged construction and unique traffic lug design assure minimal damage on vehicle impact and fast, low cost repair.

    From top to bottom, the Reliant is one tough hydrant. The Reliant meets or exceeds all requirements of the American Waterworks Standard C-502 for fire hydrants. It is also is UL listed and approved by Factory Mutual.

  • 229
  • Post Hydrant – Styles 33, 133, 233

    Post Hydrant – Styles 33, 133, 233