In-Plant Valves

M&H Valve Co supplies a complete line of equipment designed to meet or exceed current water quality standards in modern municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

  • Flap Valve

    Flap Valve

    Flap valves are used for end closure of outfall lines, or in manholes, to prevent entrance of backwater. They swing open under direct pressure to release the outfall fluid and close when direct pressure is relieved. The valve disc is offset from vertical to ensure positive closing.

    Flap valves are used in filtration and sewage disposal plants and in various industrial installations, and are furnished bronze mounted. Flap valves are available with flanged end connections, in sizes 4" - 30".

  • Mud Valve

    Mud Valve

    Mud valves are designed for settling basin drain lines, sump blow-offs, swimming pool drains, waterworks, sewage and filtration plants, irrigation systems, and industrial installations. They are recommended for use in lines of low seating or unseating pressures only.

    Mud valves have flanged end connections and are available in either rising stem or non-rising stem styles, in sizes 3" - 24", and can be furnished with a hand wheel or operating nut for special requirements. They can also be furnished with extension stem and floor stand.

  • Shear Gate

    Shear Gate

    Shear Gates are designed for use in both water and sewage plants for filling or emptying tanks, for low pressure sludge discharge lines, and similar applications. They are recommended for use in lines of low seating pressure only, and are furnished in sizes 4" - 30" with flanged end connections.

    The wedges that seat the gate are bolted on to permit replacement without the expense of a new frame if wedges should become worn. Standard length of lifting handle is 2 feet for all size gates. Extended handles are also available.

  • Pressure Relief

    Pressure Relief

    A Floor Type Pressure Relief Valves are for placing in the bottom of tanks to keep empty tanks from floating when there is an excess of ground water underneath and around them. When this condition exists, the outside water pressure will raise the cover of the valve and allow the water to enter the tank and equalize pressures inside and outside of the tank, preventing the tank from floating.

    The Wall Type Pressure Relief Valve is for side wall installation in tanks and digesters. The valve has a 4" or 6" flanged end for connection to a flanged wall pipe. Iron body, bronze mounted, it is equipped with a soft, composition rubber seat, so that if particles of grit lodge on it, the head of liquid in the tank will still force the flap closed tightly, and prevent seepage of liquid out into the ground. The seating material has been chosen for its resistance to deteriorating effect of the sewage.