M&H began as a partnership between Mr. McNab and Mr. Carr. The McNab-Carr Company, located in New York City, began manufacturing products for the water and steam industries.


When Mr. Carr retired, a new partnership formed between Mr. James McNab and Mr. John Harlin. During the next 60 years, the McNab and Harlin Company expanded to serve more industries, including air, gas and oil. Water products were expanded to include valves, fire hydrants and iron fittings.


Over the next five years, the M&H Manufacturing Company, as it was then known, came into family and financial difficulties, leading to the liquidation and sale of company assets.


Through the financial help of leading Anniston businessmen and the Anniston Chamber of Commerce, the portion of the M&H Company that made cast iron fittings and valves was relocated to Anniston, Alabama. This move was done to create more local industry and employment for the citizens of Anniston.


Iron production at M&H Valve & Fitting Company officially began with the help of 60 new Anniston employees.


M&H Model 29 Fire Hydrant was designed and manufactured. The hydrant was named after the year it first was made. The Model 29 did not go into full production until 1932.


With the American automobile becoming an increasing hazard to fire hydrants, M&H engineers developed the Traffic Model Fire Hydrant (or the Model 29T) later to be called the 129.


Investment in the latest foundry and machining technology led the way for M&H Valve to become a significant manufacturer of valves and fire hydrants for water systems across the southeast.

M&H Valve was purchased by the Walworth Valve Company.


Walworth Valve Company sold M&H to Dresser Industries. Dresser Industries brought M&H products to national and international markets.


M&H expands its valve line to include butterfly valves.


Introduction of the M&H Model 929 Fire Hydrant, offered 360° rotation and O-ring technology.


M&H Valve was one of the first American valve companies to produce a resilient seated gate valve. This change steered M&H away from the traditional labor and machine intensive all metal valves.


McWane, Inc. of Birmingham, Ala., purchased M&H Valve Co. from Dresser Industries.


M&H Ironman installed


Multi-million dollar, high-tech upgrades in the foundry, machine shop, lab, pollution control, quality control, safety and accounting marks a revitalization of all areas of M&H. This dedication to excellence continues to make M&H Valve Company a world-class supplier of waterworks products.


M&H engineering modified the 129 to include 360° rotation and a dual lubrication bonnet while maintaining interchangeability.


Introduced stainless steel tags on all 129 & 929 Model fire hydrants.


M&H introduces the Resilient Seated Ken-Flex Check Valve with reversible seat and O-ring seal.


Resilient seated gate valves with patented Clean Track Technology were introduced.


Acquires $1.8 million dollar Integrex machine from Mazak that is used to machine larger castings.


Two million dollar investment in new Mazak Palletech machining cell. The system eliminates a significant number of machine setups and helps the machine shop better conform to LEAN processes creating better system flow.


Introduction of the Patriot Check Valve.

M&H 129 Model hydrant was featured on the Discovery Channel's "How It’s Made."


Introduction of the New M&H AWWA body style check valve. Used latest design software to maximize materials and improve function.


Flanged resilient seated gate valves with patented Clean Track Technology were introduced.


Introduction of the M&H Valve 36" Check Valve, available with the Reduced Wall DI Body.


Installed new machinery at the M&H Valve facility to give the capability to rubber coat the wedges for the resilient-seated gate valves.  Production began on the 6" wedges in August 2013 and soon expanded to include sizes 2"-16".  M&H provides rubber-coated wedges for all the McWane Valve and Hydrant divisions.


Completed the design and began offering the option of an oil cushion on the 14"-36" Check Valves.


M&H Model 129 Fire Hydrant was the featured hydrant at the AWWA ACE Hydrant Hysteria Competition in Philadelphia, PA.


M&H Valve, along with the other McWane Valve & Hydrant companies, introduced the iHydrant, a revolutionary technology that allows water systems to remotely monitor pressure and temperatures via smart hydrant sensors.

The Future

M&H Valve continues to research opportunities to improve existing products and create innovative new designs while maintaining top-notch safety, environmental, and production standards throughout our facility.