Product Details

M&H Flush-Type Hydrants are for use where traffic model hydrants protruding above ground might interfere with traffic.  These hydrants may be set in vaults, or they can be supplied with a cast iron box and cover.  Internal components of this hydrant are the same as the M&H 129.

M&H Valve recommends following AWWA Manual “M17 Fire Hydrants: Installation, Field Testing, and Maintenance.” WARNING: Special care should be taken in the installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair of pressure containing devices such as valves and hydrants. To prevent bodily injury, property damage, or damage to the fire hydrant and its supporting structures, use only a diffuser or a flexible hose (properly restrained at the point of discharge) for flushing or flow testing. FAILURE TO FOLLOW PROPER PRACTICES AND GUIDELINES CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR DEATH.